Safety Bulletins

05-Apr-21 01-21; Industry Update
04-Jun-20 02-20; Regulatory Update
02-Mar-20 01-20; Novel Coronavirus Precautions
21-Oct-19 03-19; Fall Regulatory Update
26-Feb-19 02-19; OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Deadline
26-Feb-19 01-19; Cal/OSHA Appeals Board Decision involving the Discharge of Cargo Containers
22-Aug-18 01-18; OSHA & PMA 2018 Safe and Sound Week
27-Jun-18 06-18; OSHA & PMA 2018 Safe and Sound Week
14-Nov-17 06-17; OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Deadline
07-Sep-17 05-17; Update on OSHA’s Electronic Recordkeeping Rule
03-Aug-17 04-17; Safety Shoe Policy & Program 2017-2018
25-May-17 03-17; Fed/OSHA in the News
04-May-17 02-17; California Standard for Heat Illness
04-May-17 01-17; PNW Heat Illness Prevention Programs
07-Oct-16 05-16; MOU Painting of Bolsters/Corners
05-Aug-16 03-16; Safety Shoe Policy & Program 2016-2017
28-Jun-16 04-16; PCMSC MOU Rescue Procedures
09-May-16 02-16; California Standard for Heat Illness
09-May-16 01-16; PNW Heat Illness Prevention Programs
08-Jul-15 03-15; Safety Shoe Policy & Program 2015-16
29-Apr-15 02-15; California Standard for Heat Illness
29-Apr-15 01-15; Heat Illness Prevention Programs
15-Oct-14 02-14; Safety Shoe Policy & Program 2014-15
12-May-14 01-14; Heat Illness Prevention Programs : This Safety Bulletin is a reminder for the annual review of your Heat Illness Prevention Program and the related required refresher training.
27-Aug-13 05-13; Customs & Border Protection – Terminal Safety / PPE Los Angeles/Long Beach : The West Coast CBP Port Directors will enforce CBP policy on the importance of appropriate PPE while working vessels or while working in vehicle traffic areas on marine terminals, and that they will address any safety deficiencies.
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